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Vehicles Car Stop Fyre Fire Extinguisher

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Vehicles Car Stop Fyre Fire Extinguisher

Vehicles Car Stop Fyre Fire Extinguisher
Vehicles Car Stop Fyre Fire Extinguisher Vehicles Car Stop Fyre Fire Extinguisher Vehicles Car Stop Fyre Fire Extinguisher

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Product Details:
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: dingya
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 100 set
Price: negotiable
Packaging Details: Plywood case,Paper carton
Delivery Time: 10-15 working days after payment or receipt of L/C
Payment Terms: L/C, T/T, D/P, Western Union,Paypal,Credit
Detailed Product Description
Product Name: Throwing Type Fire Extinguisher Application: Fire Department,Army,Governments
Drug Capacity: 600ml / Bottle Bottle Material: Hard Special Resin
High Light:

stop fyre fire extinguisher


600ml fire stop extinguisher


throwing fire extinguisher

Throwing Escape Fire Extinguisher Introduction



Ding Ya brand application background of throwing fire extinguisher:


▲ Application range of throwing fire extinguisher


・Fire department,Army,Governments,Hospital,School,Nursing home,Kindergarten,Family.

・Factory buildings / workshops,Warehouses. Airport,Car station,Freeway toll station.

・Vehicles,Trains,Buses,Subways,Ships and other vehicles,Gas stations.

・Cultural relics protection units,Libraries,Museums,Theaters,Parks.

・Hotels,Guilds, estaurants,Commercial buildings,Wholesale markets and people - intensive places.

・Entertainment venues,Karaoke,Chess room,Bath center etc..


▲ Present situation and Prospect of throwing fire extinguisher


One of the reason why people are not too familiar with fire extinguishing equipment in many countries is that there is not a user-friendly fire extinguisher. With the fast development going on, old people are more likely to stay alone and the urge for fire awareness is more than vital nowadays as regards to their safety and that of their immovable property.


In the Republic of China, the Government has been investing a lot in fire equipment such as fire station, fire truck passageway, fire awareness etc.


Furthermore, there is a fire plan in every city to implement immediate fire rescue in case of fire outbreak. Nevertheless, there are still inadequate equipment, inadequate road structure and the need for a deep reform and reorganization in terms of equipment and structure is being felt. As regards to fire fighting equipment, scientists are strengthening their research in the quest of new firefighting technologies.


In their endeavor, the THROWING FIRE EXTINGUISHER was born. Thus, bringing a safe user friendly, easy to use fire extinguisher.



Composition and specification of throwing fire extinguisher


▲ Constitute


Product Name:Throwing escape fire extinguisher(Abbreviation: throwing fire extinguisher)

Model : DYNEW-600

Effective fire extinguishing condition:Extinguish the fire source at the base of the fire inside or outside of the house.

Fire extinguishing methods: direct throwing the extinguisher at the base of the fire.

The main components of the fire extinguishing agent are Food additives and drug additives.

Drug capacity: 600ml / bottle

Bottle material: Hard special resin

Storage conditions in the period of validity: The container can be preserved for a long time without breakage, usually in a protective bag or special resin box.


This product has been tested by the national fixed fire extinguishing system and the quality supervision and inspection Centre of the fire-resistant component of the Ministry of public security.


▲ Comparison of appearance and actual size


The outer packing is packed with knapsack nylon protective bag or placed in the wall type ABS resin box. Its appearance is similar to the size and weight of ordinary mineral water bottle.


The use method of throwing fire extinguisher and the principle of fire extinguishing


▲ Two methods of use

Find fire, prepare fire-extinguishing equipment. Remove from a wall mounted resin box or from a backpack protection bag.

・Method 1, simple direct throwing fire extinguishing method

Throw directly into the fire standing at a safe distance from the fire.


・Method 2:Diluted liquid sprinkling extinguishing method (pharmacy 1: water 20)


・The liquid is diluted and spilled into fire.It has a good effect on the fire and stop fire spread.



▲ What is burning

Combustion = oxidation reaction

The so-called "combustion of matter" refers to the chemical reaction that occurs between the substance and oxygen. It is also called the oxidation reaction. Both material and metal rust belong to the oxidation reaction. But because of the different degree of reaction,the result is different.


General oxidation reaction

Combustibles Oxygen

The metal is rusty, the newspaper turns yellow, etc.

Severe oxidation reaction

Combustibles Oxygen ,

light heat Burning,exploding etc


After the oxidizing reaction of the combustible material with oxygen,the reaction heat is produced.Due to the presence of heat,the combustible material temperature keeps rising.The oxidation reaction is easier to be realized and,in turn,triggering the so-called chain reaction of oxidation.

In the end, the burning phenomenon occurred.

So, it is said that combustion is made up of 3 elements: oxygen,high temperature and combustible.As long as one of them is removed,it is possible to break the fire chain


Concretely speaking, solving the following 4 problems is equal to restraining the burning.

Removing combustibles and solving fourth problems is indeed one of the best ways to suppress combustion. However, once a fire has occurred, it is difficult to understand and to realis how to get rid of the combustibles.So, if you want to be more effective to suppress the fire,there are only one way to do it by using throwing fire extinguisher


Throwing fire extinguisher is a new type of fire extinguishing product developed on the basis of advanced science and technology to solve the problem of 1, 2 and 3.


▲ Fire extinguishing principle


Inhibition of chemical chain reaction

The cooling effect Burning

1. Blocking oxygen: Extinguishing agent in fire extinguisher bottle will generate carbon dioxide after heat,and carbon dioxide will block the contact between combustion surface and oxygen,thereby inhibiting the occurrence of combustion.

2. Inhibition of chemical chain reaction:Fire extinguishing agent in a fire extinguisher produces ammonia when it occurs after heat.

Ammonia gas can form a negative catalyst for combustion chain reaction.

3.The cooling effect: Fire extinguishing liquid from the bottle thrown into the resin bottle within a flying near the fire. At this time,the moisture evaporates instantaneously so that the burning material is cooled quickly,and the ammonia produced after heat is also cooling.

4.To prevent the resurgence of components: Fire extinguishing agent in combustion ignition can be increased,and after the heat generated stable,rich foam of combustibles formed a good coverage to eliminate the possibility of resurgence fundamentally.




Ding Ya brand safety of the throwing fire extinguisher

▲ Safety of chemicals (impact on the environment)


The chemical composition of the fire extinguishing agents is close to neutral.The main materials are food and drug additives,and are harmless to the skin and the surrounding environment.Therefore,even if the liquid directly touched the skin,there is no problem.When its expired,the residual liquid can be used for watering,and can be directly discharged into the sewer,and or thrown away directly as a living garbage.


▲The safety of chemicals (the impact on the human body)


Fire-extinguishing bottles thrown out,produced carbon dioxide (carbonic gas) and ammonia (ammonium gas) are used only for initial fire extinguishing.The harmful degree of gas is completely lower than the minimum safety standard prescribed for the human body.Of course,a slight odor of ammonia will be smelled at the fire scene,but it will not be harmful to the human body,and it must be safe.


▲ The safety of the shell (the impact on the human body)


・The material of the container for the fire extinguishing agent is made of special resin.

・It is flexible in texture and strong in resistance to extrusion.It can bear about 70 kilos of weight.

・Fragile, keep 1 meter from the ground. in case the extinguisher falls to the ground and breakdown the debris will not harm people.

・The damaged container fragments can be treated simply as household garbage; the abandoned medicine can be used for fertilizer use.

※ Although the bottle body has very strong flexibility and compression degree,it is fragile.Therefore, please take care and transport carefully.


▲ The occurrence of the precipitate of a fire extinguisher (influence on the composition of a fire extinguishing agent)


It is a normal phenomenon that the long-term placement of medicaments will produce a certain amount of sediment. It doesn't hurt the effect of the drug, and it will not reduce the fire extinguishing effect of the product.


■ The advantages of throwing fire extinguishers


On the way of escape to throw it ensure safety


1) The fastest:fire within 1-5 seconds for the initial fire.

2) The simplest:It can be used without training.The fire extinguishing method is based on human instinct and the fire source can be put out.

3) The easiest fire extinguisher to use:because it is very light,old people, children and women can easily use it Due to its powerful effect,there is no need to strictly align the ignition point and heavy throwing,like abnormal traditional fire extinguisher.

4) The most comprehensive:Ordinary fire,oil fire and electric fire are all applicable, and no longer to consider what fire extinguishers to use before using traditional fire extinguishers.All kinds of fire in general environment can be used quickly.

5) Most safe:Because the fire extinguishing method is long distance throwing, the risk of high temperature burns is zero.

6) Most cold - resistant:The fire extinguishing agent will not freeze at 20 degrees below zero,which is not done by any fire extinguisher at present.

7)The most environmentally friendly:in the process of use,it does not stimulate the taste,it does no harm to the human body;after fire being suppress,the residue can be directly cleaned and discharged by the fertilizer;there will be no dust and other substances in the fire,and there will be no pollution or contamination to other objects and assets around the fire.It is a product that is environmentally friendly to people,to assets and to the environment.

8) For long:The shelf life is up to 5 years and can be used at any time in 5 years.

9) The most economical:Because the arrangement of this extinguisher is very simple,and the occupied space is very small.There is no need to replace fire extinguishing agent in the shelf life and fire extinguishing effect is good, so the total cost of using this kind of fire extinguisher is very low.

10) The most beautiful" from the appearance,is completely subverted the traditional heavy, space occupying and ugly fire extinguisher,

No longer need to deliberately hide the fire extinguisher.


▲ Comparison and analysis of the throwing fire extinguisher and the traditional fire extinguisher

Project Traditional fire extinguisher Throwing fire extinguisher
8 square meter fire extinguishing speed Look at the fire 1~5seconds
Operation distance in fire extinguishing Close range 1~2 meters (poor safety) Long distance throwing (high safety)
Difficulty of operation Need training No training is needed for most people to throw
Recoverability Recovery process is complex Make the fertilizer directly.
Quality guarantee period 1~2 years, and often check whether the pressure is in line with the requirements 5 years, there is no need for daily inspection and pressure
Weight comparison 5~6KGS 740Gram
Environmental protection degree Pollution of fire and surrounding air A neutral agent does not produce any toxic, harmful liquid, gas, can be used as fertilizer.
The resurgence of possibility Large Very small
Volume contrast Large volume and large space Small volume, space saving

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